June & July Updates!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU for your Business and continued support through the COVID-19. As we continue our Soft opening I will be extending our Soft Opening through July. That means text me when you arrive and before entering my suite, due to no waiting area chairs in the hall wall.

Even though the state has opened up the numbers are still on the rise. I am blessed to say that all my guest are healthy and wasn’t infected by the virus. But I must still play it safe, due to my son having Asthma I want to make sure I keep myself along with him healthy.

I am in the process of creating a prescreening COVID-19 test for you to fill out electronically before your appointment. This will be a mandatory form and all I will remain confidential. Once again it is for all of our safety.

As we enter the summer months my hour will remain the same as I stated in the previous newsletter. Unfortunately due to all summer camps being canceled, I must stay on schedule with all appointments. 

So let’s continue scheduling in advance, it will help ensure you get your desired appointment and arrive to your appointments on time.

I have changed rooms I am now in room 5 instead of 19, so once you come inside of Sola you will go to the right instead of left!

I Love referrals but please give them my online booking info it has everything they need to know and they can book directly from there. I get so many calls and text at random times of the night and day.


I will attach some links if you need to purchase products, if you use these links I will receive my commission and it will be shipped directly from the manufacturer warehouse.

Hand Sanitizer ( Restore Hand Sanitizer)




Design Essentials


I will keep some inventory of products on hand, and you can continue to place Pre-orders as well. 

See ya soon!

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